Two new online magazines for the School of Psychology

Keeping on top of the latest developments in the field of psychology can be very time-consuming. Information is scattered across a range of websites and it can be a chore to trawl through them all to keep up-to-date. Furthermore, whilst social media has numerous advantages, it can be difficult at times to spot the interesting articles amongst the more general online chatter. There are a number of ways to help make the process of discovering valuable content easier, but one of the increasingly popular ways to do so is through subscribing to an online magazine service such as Flipboard.

Flipboard effectively collects content from your social media networks and websites that have partnered up with the service (eg The Guardian, BBC, Reuters etc) and presents them in an online magazine that you can ‘flip’ through. As a result, it offers the reader interesting content that they might not have picked up otherwise. So, for example, there is a UK News Flipboard that aggregates content from a range of UK news services. Alternatively, you could subscribe to a dedicated Guardian Flipboard or Reuters.

If you set up an account with Flipboard, you can subscribe to any of these ‘magazines’ but subscription is not necessary to read them. Whether you have a Flipboard account or not, you can still ‘flip’ through the content to find something of interest (although if you are on social media it is well worth creating an account and linking it to your social media). By and large, the content works best on a tablet or smartphone, but you can equally flip through the content on your PC via a web browser.

With that in mind, I thought I’d create a couple of magazines for the School of Psychology that may be relevant to your needs. Psychology Update curates a range of interesting articles related to the field of psychology that I’ve collected online, either via social media or other sources. HE News and Commentary collects news, opinions and useful links that may be of interest to the academic community.

If you do use the service, do feel free to subscribe to either of these online magazines. I will also put links to both in the sidebar on this blog. And if you feel like creating your own magazine, do let me know so that I can follow it on Flipboard!


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