Five interesting links from this week…

Nothing personal: The questionable Myers-Briggs test. Dean Burnett (@garwboy on Twitter) looks at the Myers-Briggs test and ponders why it is largely ignored by the field of psychology. (The Guardian)

As soon as they can read, children trust text instructions over spoken information. Christian Jarrett looks at some interesting research that finds that “as soon as children have rudimentary reading skills, they trust written text over spoken instruction”. You can read the research paper here (don’t forget to login via Athens!). (BPS Research)

How to stay anonymous online. Wired article providing a number of tips on how to maintain your privacy online. (Wired)

Publishers jailed overnight in campaign for prisoners’ right to read. Six publishers agree to spend a night in the cells to raise money for the Howard League for Penal Reform’s campaign against the recent ban on gifts of books to prisoners. (The Guardian)

Email overload? 19 tips for taking control of your inbox. Find it difficult managing your inbox? This article has lots of really helpful tips, particularly if you use Google as your main email provider. (The Guardian)


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