This week’s links…

Image c/o nolifebeforecoffee on Flickr.

Telecommunications data retention- research resources from LSE Library. Heather Dawson at the LSE Library Blog has compiled some interesting links to resources and commentary regarding the Data Retention and Investigatory Powers Bill – including commentary by the Open Rights Group, Amnesty International and Liberty. You can read additional content via our subscriptions to Nexis and Lexis Library. (LSE Library Blog)

How your mood changes your personality. Commentary via BPS Research Digest highlighting a new study suggesting that personality is influenced by mood – particular when feeling down. The study itself is available Open Access (so no need to login via Athens!) via the BMC website here. (Research Digest)

Adventures in Depression. A powerful and personal account of the experience of living with depression (from 2011). (Hyperbole and a Half)

International students: where do they go to study? An interactive map at The Guardian showing which countries attract the most international students. (The Guardian)

First printed book in English sold for over £1m. The Recuyell of the Histories of Troye, translated into English by William Caxton and published around 1474, was sold at aution for just over £1m (when including Sotheby’s commission). The book is one of only 18 surviving copies of the text. (BBC)

Relatives of deceased could get legal access to all their data. Explores moves in the United States to give family members access to email and social media accounts of the deceased. The move raises a number of ethical and privacy concerns. Whilst there are no current moves in this direction in the UK, it is a reminder of the importance of awareness of digital privacy and the issues associated with it. (Wired)


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