This week’s interesting links…

Image c/o Miguelángel Guédez on Flickr.

All You Need To Know About the 10% Brain Myth, in 60 Seconds. Christian Jarrett, editor of the BPS’ Research Digest, takes a look at Lucy, the new movie by Luc Besson, and ponders why the “10% myth” continues to be accepted as fact by so many people. (Wired)

The psychology of first impressions – digested. The first in a new series at Research Digest collating research in a particular area – in this case on first impressions. Research on the speed with which people speak, dressing smartly and tattoos are all considered in relation to how they impact upon our initial impressions of an individual. (Research Digest)

Libraries ‘crucial’ for local life, AM inquiry finds. A review for the Welsh Assembly found that despite visitor numbers increasing across the country (11% increase over 10 years), libraries continue to face closure as a result of funding cuts. The review highlights how crucial public libraries are for the local community. (BBC)

Will David Willetts be remembered for progressive push for Open Access or pernicious effects of neoliberal academy?. David Prosser, Executive Director of Research Libraries UK, explores the impact David Willetts had on open access legislation whilst Lee Jones, senior lecturer at Queen Mary, looks at the increased marketisation of higher education. (LSE Impact Blog)

Identifying Backdoors, Attack Points, and Surveillance Mechanisms in iOS Devices. Forensic scientist and hacker, Jonathan Zdziarski, reveals the extent to which iOS devices are vulnerable to surveillance and the theft of personal data. You can read Zdziarski’s paper (via your Athens login) in the journal Digital Investigation, via Science Direct here. (Jonathan Zdziarski’s Domain)

Psychology Librarian on Instagram. Yes, you can now also find me on Instagram, alongside Twitter and Pinterest. I’ll be posting the odd photo here and there, sharing what I’m up to as well as general stuff about the library at Stratford. Do hook up if you have an Instagram account!


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