UEL Psychology Librarian on Tumblr

tumblrAs well as Twitter, Instagram and this blog, you can now also follow me on Tumblr (click the image above or in the sidebar to head to my Tumblr blog!). Why have I created a Tumblr blog? Well, Tumblr is really great for those times where Twitter doesn’t provide enough space, but a blog post would be too excessive. Sometimes I find stuff I would like to share but don’t have enough space on Twitter, or find that it wouldn’t really be appropriate for this blog because they are short snippets rather than more expansive blog posts.

So…why you should you follow the Tumblr? Well, I’ll be posting a mixture of links to reviews about books available for the School of Psychology here at UEL, information about our resources, sharing posts and links I think you might be interested in and I’ll also be writing short pieces from time to time about general information skills. I hope you find it a useful resource and please do connect with me if you have a Tumblr blog!


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