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Searching PsycInfo – a video guide

Thanks to the availability of a Mac with easy to use screen recording software, I’ve put together a short video that talks you through searching on PsycInfo using the thesaurus. It also explains searching on Academic Search Complete and PsycInfo together using keyword searching and goes through the filters that you can use to help you refine your search results.

I hope you find it useful!


Organising your searches on EBSCO databases

In several one-to-one sessions now I have talked about the ability to save searches within EBSCO. This is a really useful feature that I really recommend students take advantage of when conducting literature searches. The creation of an account on EBSCO enables you to:

  • Save searches – enabling you to keep track of your search terms, and re-run searches.
  • Create email alerts for particular search terms.
  • Save and organise articles within your search results using custom folders.
  • Create a persistent link to a particular search and save to a folder.
  • Create a journal alert, notifying you of new issues for a particular title.

Using this functionality on EBSCO can make a huge difference in helping you to organise your literature searching and is well worth exploring. Handily, EBSCO have put together a video talking you through the process of creating an account and explaining some of the things you can do once you have done so. I’d certainly recommend watching the video below and creating your own account to help you manage the search process! (Similar functionality is also available on other databases such as Scopus, so do have a look at setting up an account on those databases too.)

Additional videos on getting the most out of EBSCO are also available on one of my Pinterest boards.