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What can your subject librarian do for you?

A quick video I knocked together on just one of the ways in which I can help you. The video was put together using Adobe Voice on iOS (using an iPad), it’s very easy to do if you want to pull together a quick informative clip. Aside from literature searching sessions, do let me know if we don’t have enough copies of key texts or if you have any issues with regards to library services.


The super quick, 24sec Stratford library tour!

Ever fancied a proper tour of the library but haven’t had enough time in your busy schedule to fit one in? Then maybe the 24sec library tour is for you! Yes, I did say 24 seconds!

Ok, it’s ridiculously fast so you might want to slow it down a touch so you can actually see some of the things the ‘tour’ covers. To slow it down there are two options:

1) Watch the video on the Chrome browser – this is probably the most effective way to watch the video. If watching in Chrome, clicking the little cog on the bottom of the player will give you an option to change the speed the video plays at. I’d recommend going for 0.25 which is not quite so fast and you see all the detail much better.

2) Watch using YoutubeSlowYoutubeSlow pretty much does what it says on the tin – it slows down YouTube videos.  All you have to do is paste the URL into the search box and you can watch the video in slow motion, controlling a couple of sliders underneath the video.

Of course there is another option: get in touch with me and arrange a tour of the library. I won’t be able to do it in 24secs (!), but I can promise you a more thorough and detailed tour of Stratford library.